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Affsaltra introduces you to the online world of affiliate marketing.

Affsaltra is the acronym for Affiliate Sales Training The sale is where you make your money. It’s the critical part of your marketing. The rest of your marketing warms up the prospective customer and draws them in to buy your product.

Affiliate marketers draw website visitors to a sales website then receive a commission from any resulting sales. Usually 50% to 75% of the sale price.

CPA compliments affiliate marketing. But is a little different.
It is the acronym for Cost Per Action. Where you invite a website visitor to follow a link then they take an action such as entering an email address or complete a form to receive a freebie such as a phone. You receive a payment for each CPA transaction.

Our approach:
We are not into long heart rending motivations that take as long as a book to read.
We want you to come to grips with affiliate marketing as soon as possible, so we immerse you in the industry and allow you to earn as you learn.

You are welcome to read detailed reports for a better understanding of an issue but beware that it doesn’t become an excuse for procrastination.

We aim to be as concise and accurate as we can be.

Jump right in:
Keep in mind that all the reading in the world will not make you money, you need to take action to do that.
If you need advice just post a message in the relevant blog category and we will do our best to resolve it for you.

Start with our Money Blueprint and gain confidence that you can actually make money on the Internet.
Then you may want to build a website with a sales funnel to automate your internet income.